From Rwanda – Our Process

From Rwanda – Our Process

You can learn a lot about a coffee company by looking at the journey its beans take from the field to the filter. Each part is integral to the process, with the potential for making a difference – both to those who are involved in the production and the coffee lovers at the end of the line. That’s something we certainly find at Kivu noir.


Our coffee is the product of our communities, and we are just as passionate about uplifting them as they are about their handiwork. We support them in rebuilding lives and livelihoods in Rwanda, giving back every step of the way.  

Kivu noir is coffee with a conscience: our brand is built on Fair Practices and ethical responsibility. We pride ourselves in ownership and control of the entire processing and supply chain in Rwanda; this allows us to ensure not only that it is the world’s freshest coffee, but that it is sustainable at all levels.


Our coffee is grown by small-scale farmers with whom we have cultivated a close relationship over the years. A shorter supply chain means more money in their pockets, to which we add bonuses for outstanding quality. 


We also share a portion of revenue with women who survived the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. In addition, we provide healthcare services to our farmers and their families, as well as equipment and opportunities for learning and development. Read more about how growing this coffee grows communities.


Kivu noir is crafted mainly by women, reflecting Rwanda’s emphasis on female empowerment. We couldn’t do it without them; our expert employees hand-pick the best coffee cherries and send them to our washing station in Nkora, the biggest such station in the country, where they are pulped, wet washed, sun dried, graded – with only the absolutely perfect beans allowed to pass through to the next stage (dry milling and then roasting)


Working by hand for much of the production process helps keep it clean and eco-friendly; generating energy from the hydropower plant at our washing station, and using bean waste to feed our young coffee trees, are other ways in which we do our bit for the environment.

Our coffee production process, from start to finish, is traceable, fair and focused on empowerment. It embodies our values of ethics and future-oriented trade, and results in a product that is premium quality. Ranked in the top 1% of single-estate coffees globally, Kivu noir offers a drinking experience that is intended to be uplifting for both the customer and supplier. 


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