Blessings from Kivu noir

Blessings from Kivu noir

His Excellency Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s president, had some interesting things to say about the import and export of coffee while speaking at the Africa Green Revolution Fund Presidential Panel in Kigali, earlier this month.

We at Kivu noir support & agree 100% with what the President said. And that’s why we’re providing all the blessings Rwandan coffee needs by producing the world’s freshest coffee entirely in Rwanda, and then sent out to the rest of the world with love and care  in one month from being harvested. Spread the word.

European blessings? Rwanda is learning to provide its own. Kivu noir is empowering and employing women who nurture and grow their communities. Rebuilding, rising above a single historical event and sending out a message of healing, courage and hope.

Kivu noir employs Fair Trade practices. That says it all about how we work within communities, how we treat people and the environment. What it doesn’t say is just how superb our coffee tastes, how fresh it is and how every step of the production process is managed with care. We own five washing stations throughout Rwanda, including Nkora, which is the largest washing station in the country. And since we own all of these estates, we have full control of quality at every stage of the supply chain – an attention to detail that has paid off several times in Rwanda’s Cup of Excellence competitions.

That’s what it’s about Mr President, why give it away and pay to get it back when the premium product and the drive, will, and courage to grow and bless Rwanda are right there, in Rwanda.

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